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January Williamson

Self portrait of the photographer with dramatic lighting. She is hoding her camera as she looks straight while smiling.

Hey y'all! 

I'm January!

A professional photographer that specializes in dramatic lighting, located in Asheboro, NC. 

With an Associate Fellow of Photography Degree from Professional Photographers of North Carolina, I capture your moments through sessions designed to showcase your uniqueness and personality. 

From families, to seniors, weddings, maternity or any other portrait style, dramatic lighting brings that dynamic look that only a pro can accomplish.

Feel free to reach out if you think I would be a match for your upcoming event or session!

Limited Time Sessions
📸 Open For Booking 

Limited time sessions are for sets that are seasonal, detailed, may include rented or time sensitive props, other factors, and only available for a limited time. 


Please message me if you are interested in a bespoke portrait session.

A beautiful young woman, nine months pregnant. Her body is lit by dramatic lighting to her left as she looks straight at the camera, while her body is turned toward the light, while she holds her belly. Her wrap is flowing out of both sides.

How Can I Help You?

Asheboro, North Carolina

Tel: 336-953-9896


Thanks for submitting!

A young newlywed couple kissing out side of a barn with their friends holding sparklers around them.

"Capturing the Past, in the Present, for the Future."


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