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Other Services I Offer

A family dog lying on a bench, looking off to the side as the camera captures the pain in her eyes as she knows she won't be with her family much longer.

When you know time is short, but you want to hold on to them and their love forever.

A pageant stage shot of a young woman walking in front of the judges.

With professional stage lighting, I provide vivid and beautiful images from all areas of competition. 

A strong and beautiful young lady holding a soccer ball on her shoulder in dramatic lighting.

Bring your game for these high dynamic, dramatic lighting and one of a kind portraits for your athlete. Elevate your portrait into a "Sportrait". From cheer, dance, or any sport, your sportrait will show just how awesome you are at what you do!

A beautiful young woman in a dark green dress, resting on a large rock in the woods, as her long green train flows down the side of the rock.

Live out your dreams in an image that will capture your uniqueness, imagination and personality. 

Three separate images composed into one image.

Creative, fun and unique sessions for any and everyone!

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