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Showing Love
to our
Greatest Treasures

An elderly lady in a pink dress, holding a parasol.

 💕 Grandma 💕
4-26-1933 - 1-12-2024

Y'all, my Grandma cried when she opened her canvas!

I don't say that to make myself sound amazing, but to get the point across that this was an emotional thing for someone who never takes the time to take care of herself because she's always taking care of someone else! 


We tend to forget those that held us up and were always there for us. Not because we don't care, but we have always seen them so strong, we don't ever see their weaknesses. I promise, they have them.


I provide a service for these amazing people in our lives. No one ever thinks about gifting a "Fashion Session" to their grandmother, aunt, or just someone who needs to see their self in a different way. To see their true value, beauty & strength the way we see them. 

Gift certificates are always available to gift this session for those you love.

Don't wait, because take my word for it, time won't. 

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