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I wish this page didn't exist

I wish they lived forever and there was no need for this service.
Unfortunately, here I am, offering end of life portraits for your fur babies because I understand your pain.

A young lady holding her dog as they both know time is too short for them.

Outdoor, Studio or Your Home

Outdoor portraits can be taken on my property near a creek, pond, field, or on a path in the woods.

Studio portraits are taken in my studio with a dark background. The family is welcome to join in for a classic studio portrait everyone will cherish for years to come.

I am available to travel to your home where your family and pet may be the most comfortable.

A bloodhound mix elderly dog gives kisses to her human.
A bloodhound mix lying on a bench and looking straight into the camera.

This page is dedicated to Jewelia Lee, the "bestest girl ever".

April 28, 2010 - Feb 7, 2023

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